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Mentalism – Magic or Illusion

From kids to adults, we somehow are amazed by stage magic, mind reading and some illusions that have been part of our entertainment since then. Although we call them magic, one part of it have also been known as mentalism, though mentalist who performs this art also uses many other tools like hypnosis and mind control.

mentalismMagic and mentalism have been around for many, many years, and it has indeed given us amusement and fun. For magicians and mentalists, they do not only give them an opportunity to make money, but they also can improve their social interaction with people as well as developing self-confidence.

If you desire to be one, you can, however, be a mentalist. Some skills and techniques can be learned though it needs a lot of practice. Mentalism is a performing art and thus, to be able to wow your audience, you need to show them flawless skills. Performing these tricks to people gives the impression that you have the supernatural powers to know what they think, or you can do greater things that the ordinary people can’t do, thus practice is crucial in being a magician.

One useful tip in becoming a mentalist is to train with a mentor who has been into mentalism for some time. Indeed, magic and mentalism have lots of tricks and techniques that you need to learn and to learn them with a master could help a lot. Although it is said that magic is not for everyone, you can, however, try to discover if you do have that ability to be a great magician or mentalist.

The presentation of mentalists and magicians can vary, although some mentalists have claimed that they indeed have supernatural powers like clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and the likes. Some mentalist may also use subliminal methods in mind control as well as hypnosis.
Understanding what mentalism is will bring you to the most common techniques that mentalist use in their craft.

Common techniques used in mentalism are cold reading, hot reading, psychokinesis and ESP. Cold reading is where the mentalist can give details about a person even without previous knowledge about him. Most often, this is done by observation and analysis of how a person dresses, his body language, education, fashion, gender and manner of speech.

Hot reading, on the other hand, is in contrast with cold reading, as it uses previously obtained information from a person. Most often, this information is secretly obtained and when disclosed to the client, will give the impression that the mentalist indeed can read somehow read her life. Another technique used by mentalists is psychokinesis, which is probably one of the most amazing abilities of a mentalist. Also called telekinesis, this refers to the ability of the mind to disfigure or move an object. The ability to levitate objects also falls under this category or technique.