Five Tips to Manage Your Time Easily During College

Five Tips to Manage Your Time Easily During College

College can be stressful especially if you’re bombarded with lots of schoolwork while having a part time job at the same time. That’s why time management is really important to keep yourself on top of things despite the stressful life you are in. With that being said, let’s have a look at these five essential time management tips down below.

  • Set a Schedule for “Study Time”

  • It’s really important to have a schedule for your much needed study time to complete all your school works. Every week, set a day where you can focus yourself on every school work that needs to be done. During this day, don’t go to work, don’t plan any getaway with your friends, don’t go to parties, and among others. Don’t set this day during weekends because this is the time where a lot of temptation is going to prevent you from getting your work done.
  • Set a Schedule for “Friends Time”

  • Now that you have a designated time for your school work, it’s time to set a time for your friends also. Socializing and having fun isn’t bad as long as you know how to balance everything. You can schedule your “friends time” during the weekends where everyone is free. Go to parties, have sleepovers, watch a movie, and anything fun that comes up to your mind just do it.
  • Set a Designated Schedule for “Day Off”

  • Tell your boss ahead of time that you’re going to be busy or something. Make him be aware of your class schedule so he/she can set a date where you can work without any academic distractions. Make your day off a “study time” day. Not just that, your day off can be a day for you to do the laundry, finish every school work you have, clean out your garden, or everything that needs to be done in the house. Give yourself some time to unwind too so that you won’t be consumed by stress.
  • Prioritize Your Most Important Work First

  • When working, it’s important to do the highest priority work first before the others. This is so that you’ll be able to make time for other important matters. We can always plan for anything, but life always finds a way to sneak in unexpected events out of our plans all the time.
  • Have Fun

  • College is the time where striving for good grades and working hard at the same time really matters. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to miss out the fun in the outside world. That’s why it’s important to balance everything to fit all of them into place. You don’t want to remember your college days in the future that’s full of stress and work right? Go out and enjoy your time with friends while it lasts. Balancing discipline and flexibility is everything.

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