Five Tips to Save Money While in College

Five Tips to Save Money While in College

Saving money is probably one of the biggest challenge every college student had to face. It won’t be easy to limit our budget especially when there’s lots of fun to do that’s lying around every corner. But with careful planning and smart spending, you can enjoy your college life without wasting a dime. Here are our top five money saving tips that will help you spend less and save more while in college.

  1. Don’t Spend Too Much on Food

  • Why spend all your money on fast food and diners when you can just make your own at your home right? Cooking and packing your own meal can definitely save you cash.
  1. Go for Second-Hand Textbooks

  • Brand new college textbooks can really take a huge chunk of money out of your wallet. Instead, rent or buy secondhand textbooks from seniors. But before that, check each textbook if the pages are still complete and if it’s still in good condition. The best part about that is you can sell the textbook to others once the semester is complete.
  1. Avail Student Discounts

  • Wherever you go, student discounts are everywhere. And it is very important of taking advantage into such to save more. Establishments such as cinemas, convenience stores, and grocery stores had a wide variety of student discounts as long as you present your ID when paying.
  1. Your Campus is Your Best Friend

  • Your campus is probably packed with gym equipment, badminton courts, and any useful facilities that you can use for free. So why not take advantage of such to save more cash right? Don’t have a PC or internet at home? Don’t worry, the library got you covered.
  1. Use Public Transportation

  • When you use your car when going to college, you’ll probably end up at traffic jams and parking charges that can really cost a lot. Instead, take the bus or train which is definitely cheaper compared to driving on your own. Want to stay on top of your health? Use a bicycle or just go to your college by foot.


College won’t go easy on your wallet. Besides all the fun and parties outside, you’ll be greeted with lots of requirements that you’re really going to spend money on. But careful planning and even a part-time job can help you get through this. Financial challenge is a part of your college experience and it’s up to you how to survive it.

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