Four Healthy Eating Tips for a Healthier You

Four Healthy Eating Tips for a Healthier You

So you’re doing your daily yoga session and then suddenly, a big box of pizza has been delivered to your door. You took one slice of it and start doing yoga back again. After minutes or so, you find yourself eating the whole pizza and your yoga session has been put into halt.

There are times like these that are really unavoidable because we really love to eat a lot. Who doesn’t want pizza right? But if you really wanted to focus on your healthy living journey, then there are some things that you should know to keep you right on track. Here are four essential eating tips down below to stay healthy in top of things.

  1. Distract The Voice Inside Your Head

  • If you tried ignoring the voice inside your head that tells you to eat more and be fat but it doesn’t work, then try distracting it to go away. Do things that takes your mind away from food. Get the mat, pop on your daily yoga video, and do some yoga. Doing yoga makes you want to practice doing it more instead of walking your way into the fridge or the nearest convenience shop outside your home.
  1. Eat Moderately

  • If the first tip doesn’t work, then try eating moderately. Want an ice cream? Eat one scoop instead of five. Don’t you ever walk into the convenience store and buy that whole tub of ice cream thinking that you’re not going to finish that by yourself. Trust me, you’ll probably end up eating the whole tub just like what you did on that pizza earlier.
  1. Say YES

  • Just because we’re on a healthy living journey doesn’t mean that you have to say NO to everything. It’s still ok to eat a little bit of sweet, salts, or any other food that brings joy to you as long as you do it moderately. There’s a high chance you’re going to binge eat all your favorite goodies one day because you miss them by saying NO all the time. If you’re at a birthday, say YES to that deliciously looking slice of cake. Want a drink? say YES and satisfy your taste buds with that sparkling wine. Remember, eat moderately!
  1. Acceptance

  • No matter how hard we try, we sometimes end up eating a whole lot more that we can’t resist. When this happens, it’s important to forgive yourself. Don’t think of “what ifs” because this can only lower your self-esteem. Food is everywhere and it’s perfectly fine to crave for them. If you can’t do your fitness goal, then don’t do it. No need to force yourself if you can’t do it in the first place. Learn how to accept things especially yourself even though we have those “oppsie” moments when it comes to food.

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