Get Ready for Upcoming Exams in College with These Effective Tips

Get Ready for Upcoming Exams in College with These Effective Tips

College exams can become a living nightmare in seconds if you haven’t prepared for it especially finals. The worst part about that is finals had a huge portion of your overall grade throughout the entire semester. So if you fail to pass the final test, then say hello to retakes in the next semester. But it isn’t just finals we’re talking about here, but all exams, quizzes, major exams that you’re bound to meet in the entire semester.

So if you stumbled upon this article, then it’s your lucky day! Below, we provided some few effective tips to prepare for your upcoming college exams. So what are you waiting for? Continue to read on!

  1. Plan Ahead

  • Professors are likely to give their syllabus at the first day of class. So if you get one, scan it carefully and jot down the exam dates so you can plan ahead of time. A desk calendar or an academic planner is your best friend when it comes to this. Without a planner, organizing things will be a mess.
  1. Prioritize Study Time

  • Some students say that they are only going to study during a break. But in reality, this so called “break” will eventually turn into a procrastination session later on. Instead of studying, they find themselves watching TV, browsing social media, and doing other things that aren’t related to exams. This is one thing that you should definitely avoid. It’s okay to take breaks especially when we’re bombarded with yawn inducing lessons each day. But you have to keep in mind that exams are just around the corner and if you aren’t ready for it, then you are really going to have a bad time in the end.
  • So if you have a short break after class, be wise and use this break as a time to study in advance. Your grades will thank you later.
  1. Create an Academic Journal

  • In order to quickly memorize and familiarize all the important stuff of all your subjects, keep them on a separate notebook or journal for easy access. In college, almost half of your subjects will have something to memorize on such as key terms or phrases. Putting these key terms and such in a separate notebook will help you to memorize all of them without any distractions.
  1. Take Care of Yourself

  • Effective studying is a result of good health. So if you feel exhausted and tired, your mind won’t cooperate leading to an unproductive study session. To prevent this, do some physical activities that can wake up your mind and body such as: Running, meditating, pilates, yoga, deep breathing, and long baths. You don’t want to get low grades because of your health right?
  1. Find a Comfortable Environment

  • The environment you are in contributes to your study habits. So if you’re not feeling comfy studying at home, go outside and find a place where you can study in peace. Maybe on a coffee shop, at the park, or even at your school library if you like.
  1. Engage with Your Professors

  • If you’re having a hard time studying because you can’t understand some parts of the lecture, then this is the time to contact your professor. But don’t expect your professor to give answers directly to you. What you’ll get is probably an overview of the whole exam so that you’ll be prepared on what’s to come.
  • Having a healthy relationship with your profs is also a bonus too. If they see you always attending and participating in class, then you got high chances of passing in the long run. While approaching your professor to get extra insights about your exams, here are a few questions you can ask:
  • What are some of the things I can do to be successful on this exam?
  • How do I best prepare for an exam in your class?
  • Are you able to provide any information on the format of the questions (i.e. multiple choice, essay, matching, etc.)?
  • For essay questions, are you looking for an answer to be a specific length?
  • Are there any key elements I should be putting extra focus on?
  1. Remember Your Goal

  • Lastly, keep your eye on the prize. And what is this prize that we’re talking about? It’s called “Graduation”. The road to success is tough and filled with challenges. But as long as you keep your goals in mind, you’ll probably reach the end of the line in the future with flying colors. Remember, keeping yourself motivated at all times is the key.

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