Spring Cleaning in the Winter, Dorm Room Style

Lets face it, being in College, one of the least of our worries is cleaning our rooms. I remember my Sophmore year in college, my roommate and I made some ground rules, essentially we split the room in half. His room was super clean, whereas mine, not so much. You could see the definitive line where my clothes were on the ground on my side and his side seemingly untouched and clean. The dorm vacuum seemed to not exist or nobody returned it. The latter was likely the case but after finding this website I went with the Miele Complete C3.

Now, this vacuum isn’t the most inexpensive and it certainly wasn’t in my budget; considering the cost of in-state tuition I figured if I got a high-end vacuum I could end up using it when I moved out to my apartment and then further down the line. A canister vacuum was also perfect for nearly all situations that a college student could need. Cleaning carpet, cleaning my gaming computer, various wrappers on the floor and any other debris a night of partying might produce. Canister Vacuum Experts certainly provided a great platform to influence my decision and after researching Miele further it was a great buy.

Some More Cleaning Essentials for College Students

First, head to the dollar store, you just spent all your money on a vacuum. I’m not looking to spend much more. Grab the cheapest paper towels, and cleaning sheets, preferably the yellow bottle that smells like lemons, it’s the better of the smells. Also, consider a cheap candle or Febreze spray. The spray will definitely last longer and it will get rid of any “smells.” Essentially they clean everything and anything you could imagine. Take those wipes, use them to clean your desk, chair, bed frame, and closet. Typically those are what each dorm room is given for each student.

Now, try to keep up with your room. Pretty much after doing this cleaning with the vacuum and then using the wipes and Febreze your room will look better than before you even moved in. Now saying and doing is one thing. My room remained clean and I know my roommate and his girlfriend were happy. It’s best to be conscious of your roommates because you live with them and their sanity is just as important as yours. If that means they need to remind you to clean your room then so be it.

Hopefully, you liked our College guide to cleaning your room. If you have any tips or hacks for a college student on a budget then feel free to leave a comment and share what you might have done or product you used.

Winter Cleaning

The winter is coming to an end in New England. Typically for College students that means you can finally come out of hibernation and go to parties and most importantly walk to class or run in the case of Freshmen. Hopefully, everyone kept up with these cleaning tips and maintained a regular room. If your dorm looks like the one pictured to the right then I feel sorry for your roommate.

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