Stephen Curry, The Golden God

Contrary to the expectations from elites at the statistical desk, punters riding the fantasy basketball train have once again provided us with a new champion. This Golden State Warriors point guard has taken the fantasy campaign by surprise. The Player Rater has Stephen at 21.31 points, neatly above the dethroned number 2. The two time MVP who easily shattered the single season record for 3-point baskets has the internet abuzz with his towel trick. Minutes after his sixth triples show off in a game where none other had managed more than two in a campaign, he decided to press his new stephen curry shoes firm, balancing his turn while reaching the water cup with a towel hitting it dead center like a seasoned sniper, leaving the internet with something to awe at for the next few weeks!

News pages have Curry’s towel toss as his best shot for the game, awesome points above the nine plus triples during the match against the Portland Trail Blazers. The 28-year-old six foot three giant has his eyes set on making 400 3-pointers. At his pace he’s bound to break this target not forgetting that he broke his own record for 3-pointers. With his morale and supposing that he does not miss any games due to injuries or the like, he’s more probably going to make it past this target rather easily. He has promised that at 399 he will “chuck”. Another twist by Stephen Curry that left the internet confused about his intended message. Statistics have him at 823 3-point shots some 145 shots above records set by players such as George McCloud in 1995-96. His 3-point per game average is points above 10 setting him above targets that more than 500 teams have failed to attain since the implementation of the 3-point system twenty-six years back. This leaves the masses confused about what he meant by chuck! Stephen Curry who’s like a bird in his shoes got to make his team’s, Golden State Warriors, 1000 3-point.

The season is currently five games away from the post season and sure enough, based on the rate this team is milling the 3-pointers, these 3-point are expected to keep growing. Stephen Curry is poised to be the first person to ever get on the 180 club and win a scoring title in the same season. He’s bound to outdo the likes of Steve Nash and Larry Bird, the legends of this club. He will be the eighth person to go on the ever coveted list, which many players narrowly missing it All he has to do is work on the field goals and the free throws. He came close to making this cut last season but narrowly missed. In the remaining games he has to work harder to ensure his name goes up on this list.

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