Three Simple Healthy Eating Tips That You Should Know

Three Simple Healthy Eating Tips That You Should Know

If you want to eat healthy, there are a few simple strategies that you need to do in order to achieve it. Not only it benefits your overall health, it’s also perfect if you want to shred those extra pounds out of your weighing scale.

All you need to do is to have discipline and a little bit of understanding to get through this. So what are we waiting for? Continue reading down below!

  1. Prioritize Healthy Foods

  • Discipline is key. And this is the first thing you should do in your healthy eating journey. Put all the healthier foods at your table or easy to reach areas that you can quickly grab on the get go. Meanwhile, not-so-healthy foods should be put on the highest shelves you had at your home as possible to keep it out of reach. Same thing goes for sodas and any other unhealthy drinks. This way, you have no other choice but to grab the healthy foods you put on easy to reach areas. Always remember, have discipline!
  • Another tip when serving meals is that leave all those mouth-watering pasta at the stove while putting those huge bowls filled with salad on the table. We humans tend to be lazy and only eat what’s been put on the table, unless you really want to grab a plate of pasta or something. Same goes for chips and other junk. Only get a small amount of it, reseal the bag, and put it on the highest shelve where it belongs.
  1. Be Creative

  • Remember the days where Popeye is so popular and eating spinach is still a thing? Well, those days are gone now. So why not make your own trend? Use your imagination to get creative about your food eating habits. Think of broccoli as “dinosaur trees” or peas as “power peas” that gives you power whenever you eat them. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy eating healthy foods more. Come up with silly names and share them to your kids too to convince your kids to eat the same veggies as you do.
  • It’s also important to change your comfort food too. You know comfort foods? The one our mother’s gave to us when we get sick. This comfort food may be milkshakes, grilled cheese, chicken soup, burgers, and among others. Now that looks unhealthy, so why not change them into something healthier like veggies or salads? If you think that won’t work, try different combinations like grilled cheese paired with vegetable soup, or cream-laden tomato soup paired with your favorite burger.
  • Also, when it comes to groceries, only buy healthy foods. Make a checklist of all healthy foods that you can think of before grabbing that grocery cart. Set policies about what comes inside your fridge and what’s not.
  1. Be Mindful of Food Servings

  • One way to eat healthy is to trick your food serving on your plate. A study shows that people have no clue whatsoever when it comes to food portion sizes. You can use this advantage to fill up your plate or your families plate of something healthier. Use large portions and fill it up with healthy foods, while using small portions for those unhealthy ones.
  • You can do more tricks such as using smaller dinner plates, larger salad bowls, and tiny desert plates. Soda glasses? Use a small one. Water glasses? Make them big! You get what I’m saying right? Another tip is to simplify your meals. Don’t cook too much so that everyone will only eat a single variety of food that’s been put on the table. This will teach yourself and also the whole family how to discipline thyself when it comes to food.

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